Interviewers needed!

Be a part of shaping the future UChicago community through prospective student interviews.

You probably know that the prospective students to the College may interview as part of the application process, but you may not realize that many of those interviews are conducted, not by admissions counselors, but by College alumni in their local communities. In fact, last year the members of the Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) interviewed nearly 5,000 prospective students in the United States and around the world. The Colorado chapter of the ASC is chaired by Kerri Siegel (AB ’84, JD ’87) and includes more than 30 local alums who handle as many as 60-70 interview requests over the course of two admission cycles each year.

By volunteering their time for interviews, ASC members contribute to the goal of the Admissions Office to accommodate 100% of interview requests. More importantly, by sharing their experiences as students, and their enthusiasm and affection for the College, ASC members enhance the efforts of the Admissions Office to attract the best students while helping prospective students to understand all that UChicago has to offer its undergraduates and determine if the College is the best fit for them. In addition to interviewing prospective students, ASC members also represent the College at college fairs, receptions for admitted students and send-off parties. New volunteers from anywhere in Colorado are always welcome and appreciated. If you are interested in learning more about the ASC or in registering as an ASC volunteer, please visit the ASC website at or contact Kerri at