Anna Nicotera, AB'01

Colorado Club President

1) How long have you lived in Colorado?

I'm a Colorado native! I was born and raised in Denver, leaving for college at UChicago and then grad school in Nashville. I returned in 2008 and plan to be here for many years.

2) Where do you live?

In an old Victorian house, with a colorful history, in Denver's Montclair neighborhood (over the years it housed sanitariums, a mental asylum, and a bordello).

3) Where do you work?

I'm a Senior Associate at Basis Policy Research, where we study a variety of K-12 education policies and programs. I also serve on a charter school governing board to stay connected to kids and observe firsthand how public schools respond to federal, state, and local policy demands.

4) What activity would you recommend to those new to Colorado? 

We tend to avoid the traffic to and from the mountains, and instead stay in Denver for parks, biking trails, the zoo, neighborhood farmers' markets, festivals, and Rockies and Broncos games.

5) What is on your Colorado bucket list?

Snowshoeing--I love hiking, so this would be the way to get out on the trails during the winter.

6) What is the last book you read?

Thanks to the recent selection of the UChicago alumni book club here in town, I am nearly finished with the first book of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones.

7) What is your favorite restaurant? 

Now that we have little ones, the selection of restaurants we go to has changed quite a bit. And it's hard to choose just one! Some of my favorites include Tony P's, Kiki's, China Jade, Jerusalem, and the Bagel Deli.

8) What is your favorite bookstore?

I have to admit that I've pretty much switched to Kindle...but for kids books and gifts we go to Tattered Cover.

9) What is your favorite alumni event?

I love the intellectual stimulation of the Harper Lectures, and the casual fun of UChicago alumni get-togethers at Colorado Rapids soccer games.

10) Where was your favorite place to study on campus? 

I mostly studied at my dorm, Burton-Judson.

11) What was your favorite class at the U of C?

The Problems of Policy Implementation with Richard Taub. The books and articles we covered in this class were seminal pieces in the field, and continue to inform the work that I do.

12) Who was your favorite professor at the U of C?

Kenneth Wong, who was a professor back when UChicago had an education department. He taught a couple of education policy classes that sparked my interest in the field. I ended up working as a research assistant for him as an undergrad and then I followed him to Vanderbilt for grad school.