Timothy Standring, AM '75, PhD '82

New Board Member

1) How long have you lived in Colorado?  I’ve lived in Colorado for over 25 years.  
2) Where do you live? In the University Park neighborhood of Denver.
3) Where do you work? I am the Gates Foundation Curator of Painting & Sculpture at the Denver Art Museum.  
4) What activity would you recommend to those new to Colorado? Check out the independent coffee bars such as St. Mark’s on 17th; explore the hiking and backpacking opportunities; and know that Denver is a city of neighborhoods. 
5) What is on your Colorado bucket list? Is to fill the various Small Libraries in our U Park neighborhood with all of the various books that I want to share with others.
6) What is your favorite restaurant? Apicius in Paris. In Denver? Palettes at the museum.  
7) What is your favorite bookstore?  Tattered Cover - all branches
8) Where was your favorite place to study on campus? In Reginstein, in the literature critical theory section (Northeast corner, on the 3rd or 4th floor).
9) What was your favorite class at the U of C? Carolingian Manuscripts 
10) Who was your favorite professor at the U of C?  Professor Herbert Kessler, who taught the above class.