Michael Flaim, AB'03, MBA'10

New Board Member

1) How long have you lived in Colorado?
I like to claim that I'm a Colorado native.  I was born here but was raised in Oklahoma and have lived many places since then (some say I'm nomadic).  I have lived/worked in every time zone of the U.S. and a few in Western Europe.  It's an incredible relief to finally be back in Colorado!

2) Where do you live?
Highlands Ranch

3) Where do you work?
DaVita HealthCare Partners leading the finance team for the home dialysis services business
4) What activity would you recommend to those new to Colorado? 
The mountains.  Wait, I know "the mountains" is not "an activity", so I'm really recommending any activity in the mountains!  Hiking, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, rafting...all are amazing ways to connect to the outdoors!
5) What is on your Colorado bucket list?
14'er.  I must hike a 14'er.
6) What is the last book you read? 
Recently, I have been starting lots of books but not finishing them.  The last book I actually completed was "A Dance with Dragons" by George R.R. Martin (from the "Game of Thrones" series).

7) What is your favorite restaurant? 
In Denver, The Kitchen tops my list, hands down.  I do miss the restaurants in Chicago, though...maybe it's time for a trip back!
8) What is your favorite bookstore?
Definitely Tattered Cover downtown.  I'm very fortunate that my office is only a few blocks away, and I try to walk down to TC for lunch from time-to-time.  Hence, the many unfinished books.

9) What is your favorite alumni event?
The Harper Lectures are always so interesting, and I'm very excited to join for the alumni ski day at Winter Park for the first time this year!
10) Where was your favorite place to study on campus? 
Usually Harper Library.  I love the space itself and its proximity to the Classics Cafe.
11) What was your favorite class at the U of C?
Definitely a course in the astronomy/astrophysics physical sciences sequence taught by Prof. Rocky Kolb.  I think it was called "Origin of the Universe and How We Know" - a history course about the development of theories of cosmology.  It was SO MUCH FUN.
12) Who was your favorite professor at the U of C?
This is way too hard to answer...